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12/21/2011 12:00 PM

CORE (NNN) - A new galaxy with portal systems capable of sustaining starcaster connections has been discovered, CORE scientists announced Wednesday, December 21st. The galaxy has been labeled Convergence.

So far over thirty-five solar systems have been charted in this new cluster of stars and early indications hint towards vast reserves of high quality resources. However, CORE officials are urging caution.

"While everyone is excited by the discovery of Convergence, there are some serious concerns," CORE President Gerald Warden said at a press conference announcing the discovery. President Warden went on to explain that contact has been lost with many probes  dispatched to the new galaxy.

While the loss of probes is nothing new to CORE, loosing so many at one time has raised fears that the Mech-Scourge, or some other similarly hostile civilization, may inhabit Convergence already. If so, this would be the first time another civilization has been encountered in the newverse.

"There is no reason to believe that we are currently under any additional threat," Star Force Colonel  Benin Lomwe said. "However, CORE Star Forces are on full alert and we are currently recommending that all civilizations avoid Convergence until these new systems can be safely assessed."

Many willing to risk the dangers for the possible rewards to be found in Converge are ignoring this advice.

"They're crazy if they think we're going to wait until they claim all the best planets for themselves," Anastasi Korapov, COO of Interstellar Mining United, said. "We have to assume our competitors will be heading out to Convergence immediately and we are committed to getting there first."

Similar sentiments were voiced among the many civilizations of the newverse.

"This is the first discovery of a new galaxy since we came to the newverse," prospector Gerhardt Lutgard replied when asked if he was planning on heading to Convergence. "This is our first chance to get ahead of all the big boys and stake a claim for ourselves."

When asked if he was concerned about the warnings issued by CORE, Gerhadt replied, "Fear is how these governments always try to control people. We are not afraid."

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HomeHomeNewsNewsNewverse News N...Newverse News N...New Galaxy DiscoveredNew Galaxy Discovered